Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 9.42.08 PM“Dr. Lim is a very compassionate and intelligent doctor. My husband and I drive over an hour each way to see him because he is the best. I’ve been to countless doctors over the years for a chronic neck injury, Dr. Lim is the only doctor that has been able to help. We feel really fortunate to have found a chiropractor we can trust!!”

– Tami W., Dana Point, CA

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 7.01.26 PM

“Dr. Lim is a true healer.investigates the newest and most innovative treatments from around the world to help his patients. I am very fortunate to know Dr. Lim and be under his care.”

-Dr. Randy Winchell, D.C., Orange County, CA




Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 8.47.09 PM“When I started treatment with Dr. Lim, I had recurring neck and lower back pain. This inhibited my tennis, golf, and general movement. My movement now is pain free and I play golf and tennis regularly. Thank you, Dr. Lim.”

-Ed Hayward, Oceanside, CA


Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 8.48.09 PM“Dr. Lim knows just what my body needs in order to help me feel pain free and back in balance. The atmosphere is pleasant, professional, and caring. The focus is on providing a healing place, where patients can come and receive top quality care. There is no doubt that Lim Chiropractic can help improve your health.”

-Denise Ramsey, San Marcos, CA

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 8.49.06 PM“My lower back was in tremendous pain! I went to see Dr. Lim and felt instant relief! I now see Dr. Lim regularly for good maintenance and I feel great! He is the best!”

-Dan Norris, Carlsbad, CA



Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 8.43.46 PM“After a very bad car accident and whiplash, Dr. Lim not only helped fix my neck but he fixed some other old injuries from a skiing accident and horseback riding accident. I am a 100% believer in wellness care!”

-Joan Dick, Escondido, CA


Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 8.42.38 PM“10 years ago, I had a rotator cuff surgery. This left me unable to raise my right arm up. Whenever I tried to raise my arm, my elbow would swing out like a chicken wing. After the second treatment I was able to raise my arm straight up about my head and wave! Also, I am now able to salute properly.”

-Larry Repas, Escondido, CA

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 8.40.32 PM“Wow! Every time I have sinus trouble (pain, infection, and allergy), I come in for an adjustment and Wow! My pains, aches, and general discomfort is gone. The ‘Miracle’ Adjustment by Dr. Lim is the clenches for me, but the adjustment by Dr. Warren has completed my wellness including fingertips to tip of head and toes! Did I mention better breathing and lung capacity? I’m sold on these Docs.”

-Penny Betteker, Poway, CA

 Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 8.44.44 PM“2 years ago I suffered a rupture of my C5-C6 vertebral disc. I had surgery which relieved the compression on my spinal cord and nerve root, but the surgery resulted in significant cervical muscle and tissue damage. For much of 2 years my neck muscles were in continuous spasm which resulted in decreased mobility and daily pain. Dr. Lim’s work with me has provided tremendous relief of the spasm and pain. The treatment provided immediate positive results and cumulative benefits with each follow up treatment. I appreciate Dr. Lim’s holistic approach and professionalism as well as his staff.”

-Dr. R. Bradley Sanders, Escondido, CA

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 11.41.19 PM“Suffering from a blinding headache, severe pain throughout my head and jaw that moved down my neck and shoulders all the way down my back to my right hip, I couldn’t stand up straight and live like this any longer! After years and years of doctors of all sorts, not one doctor could help me. Dr. Lim performed the ‘Miracle Adjustment,’ and I couldn’t believe the relief of pressure throughout my body.”

-Brenda Arenas, Escondido, CA


Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 11.41.28 PM“Over the past 50+ years I’ve had many injuries from head to toe. Several years ago, I was involved in a major vehicle accident. Two months ago I started experiencing major sharp pain in my neck and all along my lower waistline, radiating down my left leg. With Dr. Lim’s knowledge and skills with continuous treatment, I am a lot better now.”

-Tim Watt, Escondido, CA


“My first visit, I knew I was in the right place. The doctors were so concerned, I wasn’t sure there was any hope for my late stage arthritis. Dr. Lim said, ‘There is always hope.’ After 3 months, I began to sleep without pain. I have member of my family, including my husband and several of my friends coming in. I always tell my friends how much these good doctors have helped me. I’m so glad I found him.”

-Betty Mariotti, San Marcos, CA


“I had numbness in my right leg. The discomfort extended to the bottom of the foot where it became closer to pain. The feeling was akin to about a thousand tiny pins sticking in your heel when you put weight on it. In seeing other doctors for some months and going through several unpleasant tests, I had been diagnosed with an S1 nerve problem. In a very short period of time, Dr. Lim showed me where my problems lie and there was no personal discomfort in his testing. Even at my advanced age I do quite a bit of work on old cars. Putting my right knee down has produced terrible pain for a number of years. Now I have projects at home that involve pouring and finishing cement. A couple of weeks ago I suddenly realized that I was crawling around in rocks and rubble with no pain.”

-Ray Alexander, Valley Center, CA


“Ten years ago my back problems were so severe that I felt my tennis playing days were over. I started treatments to align my spine and maintain the alignment with Dr. Lim. Today, my single’s tennis game is so good that I felt I could actually return a first serve of Sharapova’s! And possibly give her a bit of competition!

-Brenda Hayward, Oceanside, CA

“I first went to Dr. Lim in the late eighties with severe neck problem. He successfully treated me at that time. (Then my wife and I moved to Oregon.) Because of that, nearly 20 years later when I needed chiropractic again, I returned to Dr. Lim for more treatments. I am happy to report that he has helped me again. I will gladly return for more treatments, if needed, in the future.”

-Mark Roberts, Salem, Oregon


“I had my very first car accident. I was too scared to feel any pain at that time, but two days later could hardly move my neck and back. Dr. Lim started to work on me. At first, I was afraid. However, Dr. Lim put my mind at ease. Now I feel great and have an easier time with my pregnancy, too. Thank you.”

-Jinnie Park, Temecula, CA


“Having back and neck pain is no fun! I came to Dr. Lim for help to determine if my neck and back pain was due to alignment problem due to many years off road motorcycle riding and general activities. With a recommendation of a friend, I took advantage of Dr. Lim’s office consultation, which included X-rays, evaluation, and suggestions to develop a wellness plan tailored just for me. I attended three of his weekly seminars and decided that the program outlined would work for me. Now that I have had several adjustment sessions, my neck pain is gone and lower back pain is almost a memory. I am looking forward to completing my wellness plan with support of the entire staff at Dr. Lim’s.”

-Jay Dombrowski, Escondido, CA

“For years, I had suffered from neck pain. I was unable to look over my shoulder without turning my upper body. I had tried acupuncture and other chiropractic treatments without results. I read an article from Dr. Lim about ‘gentle’ treatment. After a few months, I can now turn my head to look over my shoulder without sever pain.”

-Jean Bowdoin, Escondido, CA


“After several years of trying to find relief for a very serious back problem and going from doctor to doctore, it was recommended that I see Dr. Lim. After a series of treatments, I am able to stand and walk without an aid and without constant pain.”

-Fred Harvey, San Marcos, CA


“I have been on this planet for awhile and it is beginning to wear on me. I can’t see, I can’t hear, my equilibrium is really bad, and my lower back periodically gives me terrible pain. Those periods of pain were becoming more frequent and that is the primary reason why I sought help from a chiropractor. Dr. Hoon Lim was chosen and the x-rays revealed decay of the spine near the top and bottom. The middle section still looked pretty good. The doctor pointed to a couple of areas that were blurry and said, ‘This is arthritis and if it goes for much longer without treatment, there will be nothing that I can do, and down here you have two discs that are beginning to fuse.’ I enrolled in a program. After I had been going for a month, I suddenly realized that I was not taking anti-histamine pills everyday and that is full 7 count. I had been taking at least one everyday for 20 years. I cycled through the various offerings in hopes of keeping them effective. I am not planning on cycling through various chiropractors in hopes of keeping them effective. I am thankful for the hand practice.”

-Dinah Alexander, Valley Center, CA

“Some chiropractors use so much force that when you leave their office you are more in pain than when you first got there. When I experienced the ‘Miracle Adjustment’ from Dr. Lim, I felt immediate relief. I had barely walked into the office and my pain level was 10+, and I left that first day, my pain level was a one. Thank God for Dr. Lim. We would highly recommend him to everyone.”

-Troy & Tammy Trombly, San Diego, CA


“When I arrived at Dr. Lim’s office, I was experiencing severe pain in my neck that radiated down into both arms. To add to this distress, my hands were both numb making it difficult to grip something as simple as an ink pen and impossible to open a jar. After my first 3 adjustments, I noticed significant improvement in both my hands and was able to turn my head from side to side without any severe pain. As my treatment has continued, I now notice significant range of motion in my neck, arms, and shoulders. My pain has subsided and I can now open jars by myself without waiting for my husband to help. Chiropractic has changed my life.“

-Kathryn Webb, RN ,Escondido, CA


“My wife and I have known Dr. Lim since the early 1990′s and we have turned to him innumerable times when our health has taken a downturn. His first big project for me was the restoring of my neck’s mobility. It was difficult for me to turn to the left or right and in addition, I held my head down. In time, my neck was properly adjusted and it was wonderful to be functioning normally. Recently, Dr. Lim brought correct mobility back and removed my ‘funky’ attitude. A second major problem was adjustments necessary to relieve the ‘knifing’ experience when my sacroiliac went south on me. This was a very painful experience which could happen at any time. A third major problem was when I fell a short distance off a ladder and the fall jammed my right leg which swelled to twice its normal size on the upper portion. It was quite difficult to move and extensive walking was impossible. Again,the ‘Miracle Worker’ came to my rescue and the treatment always had the same strategy. Go to the source of the problem! Do not sweat symptoms! The pain, of course, abated when the source of the problem was properly adjusted. The ‘Miracle Worker’ is a storehouse of relevant health knowledge – conventional and alternative. In conclusion, I am lucky to have Dr. Lim and his staff to turn to in times of need.”

-Robert W. Batch ,Sun City, CA


“Many years ago I had a severe spinal injury at a place I was working. Basically it caused mid-back and neck pain that was excruciating. I decided to see Dr. Lim. In short, I probably would not be walking or breathing well without his chiropractic help and intervention. As a physical therapist myself these days, I continue to have Dr. Lim treat my curvature of the spine caused by that accident many years ago.”

-Mark Kirby ,Escondido, CA


“During the last several years I’ve experienced a developing pain in my left leg. Dr. Lim diagnosed the problem was from my lower back, and with continual treatment I’m improving with little or no pain.”

-Doreen Harvey , San Marcos, CA


“When I started, my neck, shoulders and back had limited mobility and flexibility. Now I find greater freedom of movement and strength. Thank you, Dr. Lim.”

-Henry Mariotti, San Marcos, CA


 “Before my first visit with Dr. Lim, I never realized how important it was to take care of my body in all aspects such as eating a healthy diet, drinking lots of water, exercising, and the most important thing to me, stress management. After attending my first class, which was stress management, my way of living changed automatically. I understood exactly what Dr. Lim was trying to convey in his class. My life has changed in a positive way. I am grateful to Dr. Lim and his staff for really trying to help the people that come in. I’d like more people to come in and learn what I did.”

-Patricia Caballero, Escondido, CA 


“When I came to visit
Dr. Lim, I was in pain in my shoulder, legs, and arms. After X-rays and
treatments, I feel wonderful.

Thank you, Dr. Lim, and all the pleasant staff, for my success.”

-Cindy Tesar

Escondido, CA


“I am 74 years old. Through
the years, auto-accidents had caused the misalignments in spine on the X-ray
pictures that our friend, Dr. Lim, showed me. The combination of treatments is
making me become a “Junior citizen” from a Senior citizen. In August, 2006, a
neurological blood clot operation was successfully performed to avoid stroke by
the grace of God. Thank you for your prayers. You are in my prayers, too.”

-Robert Ruiz

Escondido, CA


“I am so happy because
I feel very good! 
When I first started
coming, I couldn’t walk very well. If I sit down, I could not get up again
without the help of my husband. After only 2 adjustments, I was feeling much
I am very happy with
my results.”

-Martha A. Lira

Escondido, CA


ago, my right arm and shoulder swelled up to twice their normal size for no
apparent reason. After two months of tests with local doctors, I was diagnosed
with many ailments, including spider bites and cancer! The problem didn’t seem
to have a practical solution. Also, the swelling was starting to affect other body
functions. A good friend of mine referred me to Dr. Lim for advice. After a
thorough examination, Dr. Lim concluded the problem was caused by damaged
nerves in my neck. He then began a rigorous treatment schedule and quickly
solved my mysterious problem without prescription drugs. Obviously,
Chiropractic has made a profound change in my life.”            

-Rick Billuni

Escondido, CA


“When I first started
seeing Dr. Lim, I was having frequent migraines and dizzy spells. Today I am
free of these pains. I am also in my 9th month of pregnancy and have
seen Dr. Lim the whole time. I have experienced sciatic nerve pain which has
been helped through chiropractic care.”

-Elizabeth Miller

Escondido, Ca


“I have been a patient
for one year. The thing that I noticed that I appreciate is I am standing and
sitting much more erect, with no pain or strain. It feels that this is the way
I want to stand and sit. I also feel well which I didn’t before. Finally my
doctor measured me and I have grown 3/4 inches in height. Nice at the age of
55! Lim Chiropractic is a good place with people. They seem to be genuinely
interested in you.” 

-Robert Rades

Lake Wolford, CA


“After 4 adjustments,
I can already feel my body responding in a positive way. I had been without
chiropractic care for over a year and found myself slumping back into old
habits of poor posture. I was feeling lethargic and weak. Within a month or two
I was back up to my optimal health, full of energy and able to do all of the
activities that I wanted to. The highlight of the year was to ride a zip line
through the upper canopy of the Costa Rican jungle in January, 2007.”

-Iva Pace

Rancho Bernardo, CA


“I had injured
my back while I was playing basketball back in September, 2006. My initial
symptoms were very serious. Both of my legs had numbness and weakness with
excruciating pain. These symptoms caused me to limp when I walked and I wasn’t able
to stand on tip-toes. After taking an MRI, the Neurosurgeon diagnosed
me as ruptured disc with fragments extending through the spinal cord and he strongly recommended that I have surgery
right away. But I didn’t want to have surgery and instead chose to go
with chiropractic care. I was under Dr.
care for a month and a half after the
injury. Miraculously enough, my body responded well with the
care and I fully recovered from my back problem without going through surgery.”                                                                                             
-Paul Kim

Los Angeles, CA


“I am very happy with
the treatment that I have received at this clinic. They treated me with respect
since day one. I came in with a lot of back
pain and I started feeling a lot better in just a few days. It was a great
experience and I would definitely go back again.”

-Otilio Ferrer Gomez

Escondido, CA


 “After my car accident my neck and low back hurt a lot. When I walked into
Dr. Lim’s office, I was wearing a neck and back brace. Only a month later I was
able to take off my neck and back brace. My low back pain was reduced greatly,
and I could walk much better. Now I feel a lot better after receiving treatment
at Dr. Lim’s office.”

-Vilavanh Sengsourinho

Escondido, CA


“I have been getting
Chiropractic care from Dr. Lim for the past 20 years. When I first started
with Dr. Lim, I was in a lot of pain in my back, legs, and arms. But after a
month or so, I was getting better. 
Now I just come in for
maintenance, and yes I would recommend others. I am very happy with Dr. Lim.”

-Pete Acevedo

Escondido, CA


“When I first came to
see Dr. Lim in September 2002, I came with a walker and was in terrible pain. I
had gotten a cortisone injection, which did not help and pain pills, which had
made me sick. 3 months later I managed to do without the walker after intense
treatment from Dr. Lim. I am forever grateful to him for helping me to get rid
of most of the pain in my back (I have stenosis of the spine stage 3) and my
Sciatica is completely gone. It never ceases to amaze me how Dr. Lim finds the
bad spots in my back without even telling him where I hurt. Dr. Lim has such
excellent knowledge of the body! Thank you, Dr. Lim, for all those good

-Edith Eis

Rancho Bernardo, CA


“I have been very pleased with Dr. Lim’s chiropractic service. He is the best chiropractor I have ever met. He fixed my neck and shoulder problems. I highly recommend him to anybody.”

-Sophia L.

Escondido, CA


“Dr. Lim has been very helpful to me — and I recommend him very highly. He is professional and cares a great deal about his patient’s well being. I went to him with a great deal of back pain, neck pain, and numbness in my legs and feet, and inability to carry on my normal physical activities (golf, exercising, gardening, etc.). He has been treating me for a little less than two months and the results have been amazing and most rewarding. His staff is wonderful, professional, and efficient.  I highly recommend Dr. Lim.”

-David W.

Escondido, CA


“I’ve used him for 10 years. Always does a great job.”

-Jarrod D.

Escondido, CA


“I attended Dr. Lim’s workshop and found it most interesting. I had neck pain, stomach pain, lower back pain, and was up 3 or 4  times to go to the bathroom. Since being treated by Dr. Lim, I am virtually pain free and I only need to use the restroom once a night. I am 100% better and pain free. I think Dr. Lim is the best and I thank him for making me feel so much better, pain free, and with sooo much more energy.”

-Brenda H.

Escondido, CA


“I was way too heavy and overweight. I had trouble breathing and get winded just walking from the car to the house. I realized that I needed to lose 100 pounds, but I was frustrated because it took too long to lose weight. After going through Dr. Lim’s program, I lost 40 pounds during this 43-day diet program. And then I took a six week break. I started the program again and so far I lost an additional 20 pounds, totaling 60 pounds all together. I feel good and can walk for 2 hours and ride my bike without getting winded. I stopped taking medications for sinuses, because my sinuses don’t bother me anymore. My knees don’t hurt and my ankles don’t hurt. My sciatica leg pain went away. My lower back doesn’t hurt anymore. And I feel GREAT!!”

-Joanne F.

San Diego, CA


“I did not realize when I first visited Dr. Lim’s practice that I had scoliosis, only that my left hip hurt. I could not concentrate on my hobbies or anything else without acknowledging pain. Bending and walking was not possible without pain. I could not sit for any length of time. Dr. Lim eliminated the hip pain and straightened my spine after a few weeks. I noticed I was walking straight and upright and I was no longer in chronic pain. I felt rejuvenated and hopeful and interested in activities again. I could find humor again.”

-Beret D.

Escondido, CA


“I came to Dr. Lim’s office for back, shoulder, and neck pain from heavy lifting and tree trimming on my property. I couldn’t reach over my head and trim trees. I couldn’t put things away over my head. My doctor prescribed aspirin. But after starting chiropractic care with Dr. Lim, I am feeling much better after treatments and sleeping better at night.”

-Gary K.

Escondido, CA


“My left foot was swollen and painful. I couldn’t go for walks and stand for any length of time. After receiving several chiropractic treatments and therapies from Dr. Lim, my feet felt much better. I believe this is better than going to most medical doctors that usually prescribe pills that are expensive and don’t usually work. After starting chiropractic care at Dr. Lim’s office, I feel I am standing taller and walking better. Chiropractic treatment is a forever maintenance program for me.”

-Lois B.

Escondido, CA


“A friend referred me to Dr. Lim. I had a lot of muscle cramps in my lower back due to a motorcycle accident. I couldn’t go to work, I had to sleep in a chair, and I was very uncomfortable in my daily movements. So I had gone to an M.D. and was given medication and recommended physical therapy. I have had previous experience with other chiropractors where I didn’t experience the same results/relief as I have with Dr. Lim. With Dr. Lim’s chiropractic care, my mobility increased and pain has greatly subsided and now I can sleep in my bed. I don’t have to sleep in a chair anymore.”

-Terry C.

Escondido, CA


“Due to falling flat on my back onto a music stand as a child, I have had many headaches. My left eye seemed to drift off more often. After having my three boys, it was hard to read them books or to play with them. I took Tylenol nearly every day for years, which didn’t help some days.After the first visit with Dr. Lim, I had already felt a huge improvement! I realized I had no recurring headaches. I can get on the floor with my kids and do every activity I want with them. Plus, I can hold my eyes straight and when I am really tired, my left eye does not wander much at all! Thank you, Dr. Lim, for everything you have done for me.”

-Angelena Y.

San  Diego, CA

was suffering from neck and shoulder pain, with some tingling and numbness in
my right arm. I also began to notice I could not lift my right leg while
dressing in the morning. I attributed it to getting old. I’m 70. I love reading on trips, but they became very painful and a real irritant to my neck and
shoulder. I have been dealing with my neck injury for 15 years on my own with
Advil and by trying not to irritate it. I got to a point where nothing helped.
I thought some traction would help like it did 15 years ago, so on my brother’s
recommendation, I made an appointment with Dr. Lim. After listening to my story,
the first thing Dr. Lim did was to take x-rays of my neck and spine. The
results were shocking.

neck disc had badly deteriorated and become arthritic. Instead of the nice
curve it was supposed to have, mine was straight. I was one number off from
surgery. My spine was bent considerably to the right, because of muscles
compensating for my neck and that was why I could not raise my right leg. He
was very honest with me about my chances of recovery and healing. I have
completed treatments and instructions with Dr. Lim and I am pain free and my
right leg is as easy to lift as my left. He has put me on a better path to good
health with knowledge I didn’t have before I came to him for help. My acid
reflux (hiatal hernia) has nearly completely disappeared. I would recommend Dr.
Lim as a Chiropractor like no other.

-Linda M.

Escondido, CA

“I am 25 years old, and have been receiving chiropractic treatment by Dr. Lim for the past 2 years. My initial goal was to treat my irregular menstruation cycle. Yes, fortunately that concern has been  fixed, but what I like to share with readers is that I think my immune system has unbelievably improved since receiving regular chiropractic treatment. Despite the relatively mild winter weather of SoCal, I was often miserable with a cold – – always sneezing, blowing runny nose, feeling drowsy – – both in winter (and winter’s not even cold here), and sunny summers. So frustrating. But in the last 1.5 years or so, I have little to almost no memory of being sick. I have no cold medicine in my fridge or cabinet, I never got the flu shot but am still here. So I thought about it, and the only significant change in my lifestyle in the past 2 years has been the chiropractic treatment. My diet is similar, sleeping pattern the same… I can’t think of anything else that would affect me so. The once a week chiropractic treatment is so very brief, yet I’m convinced that this was what strengthened my immune system. Some people around me have told me about their negative experiences with chiropractic treatment. So I’m lucky to have had Dr. Lim as my doctor, because I cannot find any faults or complaints with the care I received. And funny to say, but I think that from now on, wherever I’m living, I’ll be seeking a chiropractic doctor. Perhaps not every week, but even once a month or something, a treatment is so worth the time and the money to keep my health. Even writing this testimony, I volunteered to do it because I appreciate Dr. Lim so much for the care he’s given despite his busy schedule. So thank you Dr. Lim!!!!!

-Jini Shim

San Diego, CA


I came to Dr. Lim’s clinic because of frequent migraines and
right hand pain. I was having my migraines weekly, and it was affecting my job,
sleep and eating. I had been taking sumitriptan for the migraines. Since coming
to Dr. Lim, my migraines are all gone, and I can sleep better and I can work
better. Having all of my pain is 
gone, I am off of all my medicine from my doctor.”

-Nancie Link

San Diego, CA


“I have been a patient of Dr. Lim for quite some time. Over this period of time his Chiropractic expertise has relieved me of many of my health problems. During my recent chest illness with shortness of breath and fluid in the lungs, his care and treatment have indeed been of great help to relieve symptoms and promote easy breathing again.We are fortunate to have a Chiropractor of Dr. Lim’s caliber available for our constant care.“          

-Warren Pape

Escondido, CA

“Due to a severe motorcycle accident I had recently, I was
in a coma for several days. I also had a loss of short term memory, broken
clavicle, broken left forearm and pain in my left leg. The accident prevented
me from working, lifting weights, bodyboarding, jiu-jitsu martial art, and
picking up my children. So I got surgery on my left forearm and took tylenol
and vicodin. After starting chiropractic care with Dr. Lim at Lim Chiropractic,
my life improved with better balance, and symptoms are not as severe. I also
regained short term memory.”

-Joe Y.

San Diego, CA


I was training for a marathon and I was having problems
with pain in my lower back, hips, and knees. Dr. Lim was recommended to me by
my girlfriend and I’m glad I took her advice. With Dr. Lim’s help I was pain
free almost immediately and I was able to continue my training without

-Verner Dixon

San Diego, CA


“I came to Dr. Lim April 2011 from a severe neck injury.  I could
not move my head or lift it off the pillow or eat with out tremendous pain.
My level of pain was beyond a 10 on the scale 1-10.  After being
treated 3 times a week my life and neck is back and I can work again, turn my
head and work out at the gym 5 times a week.  Thank you Dr. Lim for
bringing my life and health back so quickly without drugs or shots and
I’m amazed to this day after knowing you and being you patience for
over 19 years how you keep improving your knowledge, office, state of the art
machines and techniques.  Its worth my delay back home to Maui just to be
treated by you to regain my neck & nervous system health to its optimal
level.  As a Health Consultant, I am in awe of your knowledge. 
Dr. Lim is a Miracle worker! He healed my neck that was badly injured on the set when I was doing a scene.  It only took a few months and my neck was back to normal. Thank you Dr. Lim for ALL your love, care and expertise! “

-Deborah M. 

Maui, HI


“Dr. Lim is very knowledgeable and he is an easy person to get along
with. He is a very friendly doctor. He has given me great suggestions to help
my ankle pain and neck pain. If anyone needs to resolve their pain and find
positive results, he or she should come and see Dr. Lim for an evaluation. I
have been very happy with Dr. Lim’s service. My neck pain has been resolved and
my ankle has improved considerably after 4 years of pain previous to Dr. Lim’s

-Cleveland N.

San Diego, CA


“I was experiencing pain in the ball area of my right foot, which was
keeping me from walking. A podiatrist x-rayed my foot and only recommended
orthotics to shift weight and help the pain.
but after starting Dr. Lim’s
treatment at Lim Chirorpactic, my foot pain was eliminated and I learned how to
keep the problem from returning by understanding the source of the problem.”

-Jim D.

Escondido, CA


“If you want results, go see Dr. Lim. He is a great chiropractor who will listen to all of your needs and make sure he does whatever it takes to make you better! Not only that, but he truly believes in educating everyone on steps to perfect health so that it is not just an immediate fix, but also something that can be a lifelong thing. No matter what age you are, he teaches that it’s never too late to start taking care of your body for perfect health, starting with chiropractic!”

-Michelle L.

San Diego, CA


“I saw a flyer in North County Times about “Free Dinner Health Workshop” held by Dr. Lim. I learned so much about health and wellness, that I had never heard about. Dr. Lim is very knowledgeable and professional. He fixed my back problem. I am very satisfied with his service. I highly recommend Dr. Lim.”

-Yong Hee L.

San Diego, CA

“On my first visit, I was unable to bend over. I suffered from low back pain to the point I could not stand for any period at all or walk any distance. Sitting or lying down was uncomfortable. Every move was guarded. Now I am pretty much pain free. I can walk for an hour or more without discomfort. I can bed and touch my toes without pain.”


-Sharon Timke

Escondido, CA